YAQIN MC-100B Integrated Amplifier 
 Expert KT88 x 4pcs with Hi-End Power Supply  - Item code : YQ-MC100B-GD

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  Integrated Amplifier
 YAQIN - MC-100B
  Class A Operation

Size Dimension 

 W370mm x H200mm x D480mm


 Gold Body & Dark Green Power Supply



Packing Includes 

 All the Valve, Standard Power Cord,


 Hex Key & S Driver

Each Price: 

  USD 965 USD 906
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Total :


  x qty

 Special Order Customer & Other Requirement



Input Power 


Output Power

 ultra-linear 2x 60W RMS, triode state 2x 30W RMS (8 ohm)


 KT88x4 6SN7x4 12AX7x2


 Integrated 0.3V Power 0.6V

Use Pressure 

 110 V - 240V



Harmonic Distortion 



 20Hz~100KHz (-1dB,10w/8 ohm)

Signal/Noise Ratio 

 >8dB  "A Weight"

Load impedance 

 8ohm or 4ohm

Signal Inputs Level 


Audio Input

 4 groups

Audio Output 

 2 groups

Input impedance 


Product Gallery

Impress your friends with this luxurious amplifier!! Teach them the true world of music!!

Why spend thousands of dollars travel to the Opera House at Sydney,

while you can spend so much less to move it back to your home and enjoy whenever you want?

This amplifier produces an environment comparable to a live opera with its detailed, limpidness and powerful sound,

once you hear it, you'll feel sorry for your friend's SXXY stereo system.

  • Awesome and powerful 65 watt per channel dual mono power amp. Two separate amps with two separate power supplies on one chassis.

  • Beautiful styling with bright copper lacquered chassis and huge potted transformers with curved aluminum tube cage

  • Front panel inputs to bypass internal preamp so you can use your own preamp or source directly to power amps

  • Switchable from 65 watts Ultralinear to 32 watts pure triode mode

  • Very powerful amplifier that will drive any speaker with authority. Great frequency extension and bass control.

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