Ming Da "MC-7R" Pre-Amplifier 
 CLASSIC A High Quality Valve Tubes - Item code : MC-7R

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 Ming Da "MC-7R"
  Class A Operation - Modified Version

Size Dimension 

 Width 470mm x Height 370mm x Depth 110mm


 Black Body & Wooden Front Panel



Packing Includes 

 All the Tubes / Valve & Standard 1.5m Power Cord

Each Price: 

 USD 768 "Shipping free Air-mail"
 Individual Order  "Worldwide Shipping"

Each Price :



Shipping :


Total :


  x qty

 Special Order Customer & Other Requirement



Input Power 


Frequency Respond 

 10Hz ~ 40KHz+/-1dB

Input voltage 

 100mV - 2000mV

Signal/Noise Ratio

 89 dB

Vacuum Tube 

 274B x1. Amplify tube 12AX7/6N4x2, 12AU7x2

Supply Voltage

 AC110V / 60Hz or 220V / 50Hz

Power Consumption 


Input jacks

 4 groups

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 Strong Driving Power, Vivid Sound, High Resolution, Accurate Locating !!

Adopt the Hetian Maoshi component to improve the line; strong driving power, vivid sound,

high resolution, accurate locating; timbre, clear, original,

beautiful and smooth; applicable to various big-power amplifier;

  improve the speed of the single tube type-A 300B big power amplifier.

Elegant design, adopt the Hetian Maoshi component to improve the line,

 applicable to various power amplifier.

Mr. Audiophile's conclusion after the test,

"Music notes are very very very refined and of a elegant mood,

musics're just running freely across the room, and I can hear the very subtle details.

 Geez, I'm not even sitting at the King's seat yet." What more need to say?

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