YAQIN VK-2100 Power Amplifier 
 Vacuum Valve And Transistors Amplifier  - Item code : YQ-VK2100

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  Power Amplifier
 YAQIN  " VK-2100 "
  Class A Operation

Size Dimension 

 390mm x 490mm x 190mm




 13 kg

Packing Includes 

 All the Tubes ,Standard 1.5m " 5ft " Power Cord

Each Price: 

 USD 499 USD 452 "Shipping free"
 Individual Order  "Worldwide Shipping By Air Mail"

Each Price :



Shipping :


Total :


  x qty

 Special Order Customer & Other Requirement



Input Power 



 85W+85W   "8ohms"

Tube / Valve 

 Toshiba 2SA1943 x 2 / SC5200 x 2 / 6N1 x 4

Lose true degree

 ≤0.5% (1KHz)

Signal/Noise Ratio 

 ≥90dBC (A weight)



Audio Input

 4 groups

Audio Output 

 2 groups

Input Sensitivity 



 100Hz & 10KHz+6dB

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